Divorce lawyer in Waterbury

You walked down the aisle and promised each other to love, honor and cherish for all eternity. Fast forward a few years and things didn't quite work out that way. Whatever happened in the past doesn't matter. What matters is ensuring that you and your children have a safe, secure future. An experienced divorce lawyer can make that happen. Make it The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC.
Divorce decree, gavel and folder shot on warm wooden surface

Walk away with your head held high

Of all the cases that come across our desk, divorce has to be the most agonizing, especially if children are involved. 

With The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC, you'll get through this difficult process knowing that your divorce lawyer gave it everything they had to ensure a fair and positive outcome.

The choice is clear

Can The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC say that we're the only divorce lawyer in Waterbury, CT? No. 

We can say, however, that we're one of a handful of law firms with forty years experience, including thousands of divorces handled discreetly and compassionately. Can our competitors say that? We didn't think so.

We never forget what's at stake

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of any divorce is deciding who gets custody of the children. 

At The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC, any decision we make will be ruled by one guiding principle: what is best for the children, and you. Call today for a free initial consultation. 
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