Motor Vehicle Defense

Motor vehicle defense in Waterbury

Of all the machines that make our modern lives work, cars have to top the list. Yet we must never forget that they have the power to wreak serious havoc if we're not constantly vigilant. If you've been in an accident that resulted in property damage or bodily harm, The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC is an experienced motor vehicle defense attorney who will stand up for you when you need it most.
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Knowledge is power, especially when it's free

"It's complicated." At The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC, we get that a lot when it comes to car accidents.

You can rest assured we have the tools and the talent to sort out the complexities and nuances of even the most convoluted motor vehicle defense matters. If you've had an accident, make sure our number is the first you call!

Get back on the road

If your car was totaled in an accident, chances are you don't have the wherewithal to go out and just buy another one. 

Besides, you shouldn't have to if the accident wasn't your fault. Call The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC. We'll help you get what's rightfully yours, and keep your good driving record intact.

You said, they said

When two or more parties are involved in an auto accident, simply getting stories straight is a job unto itself. 

The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John, LLC has the experience and insight to cut through the clatter of conflicting accounts and determine who did what to whom. Call today for a free consult.
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